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Caravan travel park in Rehtilä

Caravan travel park in Rehtilä

The travel park for caravan vehicles is located in a beautiful Jokioinen municipality and in the middle of typical finnish countryside. The area is in the sheltered yard of community house of Rehtilä and is intended for short-term overnight stay of motorhomes and caravan vehicles. 

Travel park offers low budjet costs with prices 10€ and 5€/night with electric and non-electric places. In addition, travellers can rent the shower, a sauna or even a large hall for dance classes or children's indoor games of the community house. There is a campfire in the yard, which can be used with camper´s own trees.

During private events held in the community house, travel parks are not available.

In the vicinity of Rehtilä Travel Park is the Jokioinen Museum Railway with its summer café and narrow-gauge museum. Near the center of Jokioinen is located e.g. agricultural park Elonkierto and a magnificent manor area with nature trails.

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Rehtiläntie 12
31630 Minkiö
+ 358 (0)400 825 524

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