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Travel Park Forssa

Travel Park Forssa

Travel Park (Matkaparkki) is conveniently located in the city center right next to the Prisma shopping center on the banks of Loimijoki river.
Travel Park  has six places painted on the asphalt with a size of 6m x 9m.

Travel Park is a place intended for short-term camping. Matkaparkki is free of charge and available when there is no snow. There are no amenities at the site, but the services of both Prisma and K-Citymarket stores are right next door.

You should get to know the city, for example, on foot or possibly on the bicycles included in your vehicle. The footpath along the river bank leads to the idyllic Spinning Mill area (Kehräämö), where e.g. city museums and cultural services are located. There is also a lively market square on summer Saturdays within walking distance, where you can buy fresh local vegetables and root vegetables.

It should also be mentioned that local young people tend to gather in the Prisma parking lot in the evenings.


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