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Eat and enjoy

You are sure to get hungry at some time of the day. And in the Forssa region there is plenty to choose from. International gourmet cooking as well as locally sourced foods - always fresh, delicious and prepared by professionals, whether it is just a snack or something for a real hunger.  

If it is coffee or something sweet you desire, for example a lovely portion of ice-cream, there is a variety of cozy and comfy cafes in the Forssa region.


Restaurant Tyykibaari

Restaurant Tyykibaari

Rajakatu 1, 30420 Forssa
+358 (0)3 422 5820

Restaurant Tyykibaari is a chill and comfy lunch restaurant and café. Lunch is served every weekday from 10-15. During evening time you can choose from various a´la carte -menus.

Open so far

  • Mon-Thu 7.30-16.00
  • Fri 7.30-22.30

lunchtime on weekdays 10-15.