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Technical visits

Forssa region is known for business activities and expertise on the fields of construction product manufacturing, electronics, printing trade, metal, food industry, and environmental sector. Key sectors include envisonmental business activities and energy, wellbeing, green logistics, and technoly. 

The region is home to professionals from the reseach and specialist organization of Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) and various business competency clusters. The Envitech Area in Forssa is one of the most versatile environmental expertise clusters in Europe

The manual of Technical Visits Häme includes a collection of visitor packages for professionals.
Technical visits means expert visits from abroad or from Finland, where the technical and/or professional expertise of the target company is introduced. Häme and Forssa region therefore welcomes groups of experts from different fields to innovative companies. Visits are available for many different fields, focusing on e.g. handcrafts and design, textile industry, technology sector, production and circular economy. With the help of local experts, visits can be tailored to the group’s needs and wishes.