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Villa Erik

Villa Erik

Villa Erik is located in Tammela, Häme Property,  in the Ruostejärvi recreation area, along the beautiful and historic Häme Ox Road.

Villa Erik has opened its doors as a completely renovated celebration and corporate event space. It is always reserved for the use of your group only, so you will spend the event safely, in your own peace and privacy.

Villa Erik´s delicious menus are inspired by the nature surrounding and the high-quality ingredients provided by local producers. The menu includes options for family celebrations, weddings and other private events as well as various corporate events.

Villa Erik got its name from Erik von Frenckel, the founder of Eerikkilä. At the premises you can also get to know the stories about Erik’s life and his extensive work on Finnish sports, the Olympic movement, politics and social projects. The exhibition has been implemented in cooperation with the Finnish Sports Museum.

Additional info

Härkätie 818
31380 Letku
+358 (0)20 1108 238

Villa Erik serves groups for private events.
Café is open during holiday season.

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