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Boat sauna in Humppila


A Finn wants to go to sauna on a holiday, and a Finnish sauna is an experience for many foreigners. In the Forssa region, there are smoke saunas, underground saunas, a boat sauna, a landscape sauna and traditional lakeside saunas, among others. The sauna experience can also be completed  by bathing in a hot tube or by taking a dip in the freesing cold water throught an ice hole in winter.


Viking Sauna

Viking Sauna

Perkiöntie 14, 31640 Humppila
+358 (0)500 121 160

Located in the courtyard of Urpola Manor, Viking Sauna is a real old-fashioned smoke sauna. Viking Sauna is built of clay and wooden logs and is guaranteed to be a different experience!

There are also five other saunas: Ship sauna, Pellet sauna, Landscape sauna and Little sauna and Tree House sauna. They were completed in the summer of 2020 in a tree to a height of three meters! Relaxing hot bath in the Viking Ship Helka can be booked with saunas.There is also a swimming pond with piers next to saunas!

The saunas have a fireplace room, a dressing room, washrooms, a toilet and a barbecue shed.

The sauna experience can be combined with dining, accommodation or, for example, the Wildest Viking  competition in the courtyard!


  • Smoke sauna 450 € + personal fee 8 € / person
  • Ship sauna 350 € + personal fee 8 € / person
  • Smoke sauna + ship sauna 750 € + personal fee 8 € / person
  • Hot tub Viking ship Helka 190 €
  • Sauna marathon including five saunas and a hot tub 1300 € + personal fee 8 € / person

Prices include the use of towels and shampoos.

Open on request.