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Boat sauna in Humppila


A Finn wants to go to sauna on a holiday, and a Finnish sauna is an experience for many foreigners. In the Forssa region, there are smoke saunas, underground saunas, a boat sauna, a landscape sauna and traditional lakeside saunas, among others. The sauna experience can also be completed  by bathing in a hot tube or by taking a dip in the freesing cold water throught an ice hole in winter.


Private sauna at Vesihelmi Spa

Private sauna at Vesihelmi Spa

Eteläinen puistokatu 2, 30420 Forssa
+358 (0)3 4141 5640

Viihdeuimala Vesihelmi's private sauna offers a cozy and memorable environment. You can have a sauna evening with friends, family or colleagues. The sauna and the adjoining fireplace room can also be booked for parties and events.

In connection with the cozy fireplace room for about 20 people there is a small well-equipped kitchen with dishes, toilets and hanger area. Separate refrigerators make your own refreshments conveniently cool. The sauna and changing room can comfortably host 10 people and the versatile pool area is available for sauna visitors.

Prices (max 23 people)

  • space rental without sauna and swimming Sun-Thu 100€ and Fri-Sat 150€
  • space rental with sauna Sun-Thu 150€ and Fri-Sat 250€
  • space rental with sauna and swimming during the Vesihelmi's opening hours Sun-Thu 200€ and Fri-Sat 250€
  • space rental with sauna and swimming on weekends from 6 pm to 8 pm outside opening hours 40€ / hour

    As an additional service, you can book a guided water exercise. You can also have food services from Vesihelmi Café.