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Makulihan Tilapuoti

Makulihan Tilapuoti

Makuliha is a family business that manufactures all their products at their own farm at Tammela. Makuliha manufactures, for example, cold cut meats, canned meats, and hams for consumers and retailers. The cafe serves pastries and on weekdays with the option of lunch.

The speciality of the shop is the seasoned sausages and barbeque delicacies.The farm shop offers a familiar service from old-time butchers. The professional and friendly butchers will be happy to offer tastings, recommend suitable products.

Additional info

Kärsäkuja 6
31300 Tammela
+358 (0)3 424 9250

Tue-Thu 9-17
Fri 9-18
Sat 9-14

Christmas time opening hours:

Fri 18.12. 9-18
Sat 19.12. 9-14
Sun 20.12. closed
Mon 21.12. 9-18
Tue 22.12. 9-18
Wed 23.12. 9-17
Thu 24.12. closed

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